Fan | Heater Combinations

Fan | Heater Combinations

The Heat Source & Air Movement Force of a Shivvers System


Over 30 years ago, Shivvers revolutionized the industry with the introduction of a burner designed to maximize combustion efficiency, emitting almost entirely blue flames. Perfected over decades, Shivvers Fans & Heaters are capable of producing up to 7,000,000 BTU’s of heat every hour with velocities upwards of 40,376 cubic feet per minute.

What does this mean for you?

  • Unrivaled Fuel Efficiency
  • Optimum Heating Capabilities
  • Maximized Drying Capacities

Each Shivvers fan & heater combination utilize a downstream burner to maximize heating efficiency, with Shivvers Blue Flame technology to ensure that no fuel is wasted. Shivvers fan & heaters are automatically controlled by the central Shivvers Command Center during operation to deliver peak performance and protect grain from over-drying.

Fan And Heater Component Roadmap Graphic

Combinations to Fit Your Operation’s Needs

Not every operation is the same - we get it. That’s why Shivvers offers fan & heater combinations with options including:

  • Axial or Centrifugal Fan Operation
  • Propane or Natural Gas Fuel Consumption
  • Single or 3-Phase Power Capabilities
  • Motor Sizes From 13-50 HP

The selection of the proper fan and heater is a key component in any drying system. Therefore, Shivvers Dealers are expertly trained to understand your operation's size, fuel, power, & capacity needs, and help you select the optimal combination based on your operations requirements. 

Blue Flame™ - Axial Fan & Heater Combination

Designed for the operator looking for peak drying efficiency with minimum fuel consumption, the Shivvers Blue Flame dryer features our original Blue Flame burner and 28” Axial fan combined into a single unit. While a single Blue Flame dryer is perfect for smaller drying operation, larger capacities can be achieved by incorporating up to 3 Blue Flame units for bins up to 48’ in diameter.

Blue Flame Axial Fan and Heater ImageKey Features:

  • Fan - 28" Axial
  • Capacity - Up to 855 BPH (with Turbo-Booster)
  • Burner - 3,650,000 BTU Blue Flame
  • Fuel - Natural Gas or LP
  • Electrical - 13 HP Single Phase or 3-Phase

For operators looking for added capacity, Shivvers offers an optional Turbo Booster to double the static pressure range of Blue Flame axial dryers. Learn More

Blue Flame II™ - Centrifugal Fan & Heater Combination

Perfect for the medium sized operation, the Blue Flame II combines the power offered by centrifugal fans, with the efficiency provided by Shivvers Blue Flame burners. Utilizing Shivvers Blue Flame technology to ensure maximum combustion, the Blue Flame II dryer delivers a powerful option to fit bin diameters from 24’ to 48’. High-Low burner controls assure consistent heating and a dynamically balanced design offers smooth and quiet operation.

Blue Flame Two Image

Key Features:

  • Fan - 27" or 30" Single Inlet Centrifugal
  • Capacity - Up to 1,130 BPH
  • Burner - 3,200,000 BTU Blame Flame II
  • Fuel - Natural Gas or LP
  • Electrical - 15 HP Single Phase or 20 HP 3-Phase

Blue Flame II Maxx™ - DWDI Centrifugal Fan & Heater Combination

Blue Flame Two Max ImageThe Blue Flame II Maxx is designed for larger operations looking to maximize drying capacity and minimize operating costs. Featuring the Blue Flame II Maxx burner and Airmaxx double wheel-double inlet (DWDI) centrifugal fan, this heater is capable of producing 7 Million BTU’s per hour at velocities of more than 40,000 CFM’s. Utilizing ultra-efficient Shivvers Blue Flame technology and expertly designed to operate at reduced noise levels, Blue Flame II Maxx dryers are engineered to maximize capacities in bin diameters from 30 to 48 feet.

Key Features:

  • Fan - 30" or 33" Double Wheel Double Inlet Centrifugal
  • Capacity - Up to 2,200 BPH
  • Burner - 7,000,000 BTU Blue Flame II Maxx
  • Fuel - Natural Gas or LP
  • Electrical - 30, 40, or 50 HP 3-Phase

Fan & Heater Options

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