Dri-Flo Performance Systems

Dri-Flo Performance Systems

Dri-Flo Performance System GraphicAn operational Shivvers System can be broken down into 6 main components: Core Machine, Command Center, Spreader, Fan/Heater Combination, Floor, and Transfer Augers. (Learn More)

When purchased together, Shivvers certifies this as a Shivvers Performance System, offering advantages including certified capacities & comprehensive control through the central Shivvers Command Center.

A Dri-Flo Performance System is built around the Dri-Flo core machine and is available in 4 different models to fit your operation's specifications & capacity needs.

Perfect For The Operator Looking For:

Dri-Flo Performance Systems are perfect for the operator looking for:

  • Shivvers Counter-Flow drying precision with continuous-flow operation
  • Maximized removal capacities (up to 2500 bph)
  • Integration with existing grain transfer systems, such as grain legs or air systems

How Dri-Flo Performance Systems Work

Dri-Flo Systems unload dried grain through a horizontal unload auger located underneath the drying floor and do not feature a vertical unload auger.

Instead, tapered sweep augers pull an even layer of dried grain toward the Dri-Flo’s center bonnet. The center bonnet accurately meters grain into an underfloor auger for discharge outside of the bin.

The Dri-Flo System is perfect for the operator with an existing dry transfer system, looking for Shivvers Counter-Flow drying precision at maximized removal capacities.

Model Options

Dri-Flo Performance Systems are available in 3 models, depending upon your desired drying bin diameter, drying capacity, & surge capacity needs. Click the system below that best matches your operation's needs for model specific information:

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