Complete Performance Drying Systems

Complete Performance Drying Systems

Shivvers systems can be broken down into 6 core components that work together to deliver a comprehensive drying system. While these components can be purchased individually, a Shivvers Performance System means choosing Shivvers engineered options for each of these 6 components as a complete package.


Shivvers Performance Systems ensure optimum performance using Counter-Flow technology to provide:

  • Comprehensive Drying Capabilities in One Package
  • Customization to Fit Your Current Operation & Expandability to Fit Where Your Operation is Going
  • Certified Drying Capacities

Shivvers designs and builds our drying equipment at one location, so we are confident in how each of our components will perform, whether individually or within a system.

Shivvers Performance System Components Graphic

Shivvers Performance System CertificateCertified Drying Capacities


When you purchase a Shivvers Performance System, an authorized Shivvers representative will visit your farm to verify the installation.

Upon approval, you will receive an operations manual with a Certification of Drying Capacity. Shivvers is the only grain drying equipment manufacturer to certify capacities in writing. You can have peace of mind knowing that we stand behind our equipment 100%.

To learn more about how these components work together to deliver a comprehensive Shivvers Performance System, Click Here.

Circu-Lator & Dri-Flo System Options


At the root of each Performance System is the Dri-Flo or Circu-Lator core machine. While both the Dri-Flo and Circu-Lator leverage the Counter-Flow drying process, each type of Performance System has unique advantages, depending upon your operation's needs. (Learn More)

Select a system type below to begin customizing your complete Shivvers Performance System:

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