Shivvers Hemp Drying Systems

High-Volume, Maximum Precision.


With over 55 years of experience in manufacturing and perfecting drying systems, Shivvers is proud to introduce a computerized Hemp Drying System with industry leading precision temperature control technology. Shivvers Hemp Dryers provide a comprehensive solution designed for:

  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Compatibility With Various Harvesting Methods
  • Reducing Labor & Operating Costs
  • Quality Preservation

*US Patent No. US 11,796,251 B2

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You've worked hard to cultivate a valuable crop, now it's time to preserve your investment.

Why Do Producers Choose Shivvers?


From the day you plant, to the end of harvest, you’re at the mercy of mother nature. Shivvers Hemp Drying Systems allow you to take back control after harvest, providing a single solution to:

  • Increase Shelf Life - Among the many advantages to drying your crop, a critical advantage is to increase shelf life. Shivvers Hemp Drying Systems allow you to precisely control the drying process to condition hemp down to the moisture percentage needed for long term storage. Whether it’s from 85% down to 10%, or somewhere in the middle, drying your crop does nothing short of putting control in your hands so that you can market your crop when the price is right.

  • Harvest Sooner - With regulations sometimes seemingly working against the grower, there’s no need to risk a crop going hot while you’re waiting for it to dry in the field. Harvest with peace of mind that you comply with THC requirements and dry on your terms. No risk of losing quality or yield loss in the field, just comfort in knowing that you have a product that lives up to its maximum marketable potential.

  • Prevent Spoilage - Exposed to all elements in the field, a day could mean the difference between a healthy plant and mold or degradation in cannabinoid potency. Vulnerable to everything from temperature & humidity swings, to UV damage, an effective drying solution can alleviate the risk of letting your crop stay in the field a day longer than needed. 

  • Relieve Bottlenecks - With Hemp market price subject to change at any time, the faster you have your crop ready to market, the more options you have in seeing your return on investment. With high volume capacity and automation, Shivvers Hemp Drying Systems help you reduce labor needed for the drying process, while providing a quick & precise drying solution.

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