Remote Drying Operation Monitoring & Control

Get back into the field without losing control of your drying system. With all of the same monitoring capabilities of Link, PremierLink takes you to the next level by adding remote control functionality to your Shivvers Drying System using a smartphone, PC or tablet.

Whether you're in the cab of the combine or hauling a load to the elevator, login to your portal from a web connected device. Scroll through your Ticker Tape and view dashboards displaying real-time drying operation metrics. When timing is critical, make temperature and transfer moisture adjustments from anywhere to ensure your harvest is conditioned to maximize profit.

A Simple Solution:

Premier+Link remote management functionality comes from the integration of Link with your Premier Command Center. Sensors throughout your Shivvers System push readings to the Premier control unit where they are wirelessly transmitted to your portal via 4G data connection. By logging in to your MyShivvers account with a web enabled device, you have the ability to remotely:

  • Access Ticker Tape & Other Critical Drying Information 24/7
  • Adjust Operating Temperature & Transfer Moisture for Precision Control On the Go
  • Set Up & Receive Automatic Text Alerts When Alarms Occur for the Ultimate Peace of Mind
  • Stop Dryer from Device If Questions Arise

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Login to Your Portal to Remotely:

  • Monitor Temperature and Moisture Readings with Smartphone, Tablet or PC
  • View Ambient Temperature and Relative Humidity at Bin Site
  • Adjust Max Temperature & Transfer Moisture Settings from Anywhere with Internet Access
  • Set Up and Receive Text Message Notifications to Alert You When Alarms Occur
  • Access Ticker Tape and Other Historical Drying Operation Data to Identify Trends
  • Stop Dryer from Web Enabled Device

No Landline Connection Required

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