Command Centers - Dryer Controls

Command Centers - Dryer Controls

The "Brain" of a Shivvers System


Shivvers defines “No Babysitting” as precision control and automated set-it-and-forget-it operation, achieved through Shivvers computerized Command Center control units. It means having enough surge capacity for the dryer to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It means you can concentrate your efforts on harvest with the peace of mind that your Command Center is managing every aspect of your grain drying operation.

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Automated Set-It-And-Forget-It Drying Technology


The "brain" of the system, each Shivvers System is controlled by a central, computerized Command Center. The Command Center automatically prevents overdrying by taking readings through a system of sensors and adjusting the plenum heat based on your specifications. When grain has reached your desired transfer moisture level, the Command Center automatically transfers the dried grain to storage in a continuous fashion. If sensors detect grain that has not yet reached preset transfer moisture content, grain is automatically suspended in the drying zone until conditions are met. What does this mean for you? You can focus on harvest.


Remote Management Capabilities

We know that control shouldn't stop when you leave your bin site. That's why we've developed the Shivvers Link Remote Grain Management System, allowing you to manage your drying operation from anywhere you have internet access. Just log on to your portal with a smartphone, PC or tablet and take advantage of the ultimate "No Babysitting" experience.

Both the Premier & CompuDry Command Centers offer Link Remote Management capabilities. While a Link enabled CompuDry provides remote monitoring of your Shivvers Drying System, you can achieve full remote management functionality with the Premier Command Center - including monitoring and control over your storage operation.  Learn More

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The Premier® Command Center features advanced touchscreen technology, providing true fingertip control over the entire drying process. Enter your desired drying settings with easy step-by-step procedures and then relax - the Shivvers Premier Command Center will do the rest.

The Premier Command Center provides more than just comprehensive & automated control over the drying process. It also provides transfer & storage management functionality - allowing the operator to have control over cooling fans in storage bins from one central location. The on-unit display provides the operator with a dashboard to easily monitor drying & storage conditions, including ambient weather & relative humidity conditions.

Premier Command Centers also are preconfigured to connect with the Shivvers Link Remote Management System, allowing anywhere, anytime remote control over your drying operation. Achieve total control with StorageLink, allowing you to remotely monitor both your drying & storage operation. Learn More About StorageLink Here 

CompuDry TS Command Center

With the success of the CompuDry & Premier Command Centers comes a new addition in innovation. Meet the CompuDry TS - or CompuDry Touchscreen. Combining the critical functionality of the CompuDry with the user friendly touchscreen control of the Premier, the CompuDry TS is designed for the farmer looking for maximum control at a value price.

CompuDry Command Center ImageCompuDry® Command Center

The CompuDry Command Center provides comprehensive management over your Shivvers system via analog controls. Featuring Shivvers set-it-and-forget-it technology, just set your desired drying specifications and get back to harvest - the CompuDry will do the rest.

Diagnostics can be viewed on a printed ticker tape, while analog dials and switches allow for adjustments. When grain reaches your pre-set drying specifications, the CompuDry automatically engages continuous-flow operation and dried grain is moved to your desired storage location.

While Shivvers Link Remote Management functionality is not standard on CompuDry Command Centers, it can be retrofitted - allowing you to monitor drying conditions from anywhere.

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