With the addition of a Turbo-Booster to the Blue Flame™ Dryer, you can increase drying capacity in any counter-flow performance system.  Working together, they can deliver air at up to 14” of static pressure – higher than any lower speed centrifugal fan on the market today.  The 13 hp Turbo-Booster fan easily bolts to the Blue Flame™ dryer and interconnects with its safety controls.  A separate start-stop switch and magnetic starter are standard on the unit.  The Turbo-Booster fan is not required for the Shivvers Performance System, but is an easy way to increase its capacity.

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Blue Flame™ with Turbo Booster

Static Pressure CFM* Static Pressure CFM*
1" 19300 8” 10733
2" 17950 9” 9510
3" 17125 10” 9175
4" 15975 11” 5750
5" 14780 12” 3755
6" 13490 13” 2640
7" 12140 14” 2345

*Air Delivery is corrected for 160°F plenum temperature and is rated with burner and vaporizer in place.

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