Transfer Augers

Transfer Augers

The Completing Component of a Shivvers System


Shivvers Transfer Augers complete the drying process, transporting dried grain from the drying bin to storage bins or your desired location. Transfer Augers are custom-designed to fit your operation’s footprint and built tough to move hundreds of thousands of bushels of grain annually.

Shivvers Transfer Augers can be broken down into options, based on the type of system they are used with. Circu-Lator Systems leverage Shivvers Continuous-Flow and Horizontal Transfer Augers to deliver comprehensive grain handling, allowing the system to automatically transport dried grain to storage. Dri-Flo Systems feature a bottom unload design that can be augmented with Shivvers Jumpster or Vertical Unload Augers to facilitate seamless connection to existing dry transfer equipment.

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Circu-Lator Transfer Auger System

Circu-Lator Transfer Auger Systems can be broken down into 2 components: Continuous-Flow Transfer Auger(s) are used to connect external storage bins directly to your drying bin and Horizontal Transfer Auger(s) used when storage bins are connected to additional storage bins.

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1. Continuous-Flow Transfer Augers

Continuous-Flow Transfer Augers provide continuous-flow operation capabilities for Circu-Lator Systems. The Continuous-Flow auger is connected to this boot inside of your drying bin on one end, while the other side is fixed to the top of a nearby storage bin. Controlled by a Shivvers Command Center, the Continuous-Flow Transfer Auger will automatically engage and begin to transport grain when it has met pre-set transfer moisture conditions.

2. Horizontal Transfer Augers

Horizontal Transfer Augers can then be integrated into the Continuous-Flow Auger for operators with multiple storage bins. Horizontal Transfer Augers

Circu Lator System With Multiple Storage Binsare linked together at the the top of each storage bin, allowing you to expand and synchronize your drying and storage operation based on your specific needs. Like the Continuous-Flow Auger, Horizontal Transfer Augers are controlled by the central Shivvers Command Center. From the Command Center, you are able to specify the storage bin(s) you would like grain to be transported to and in which order you would like this to occur. As storage bins reach your desired storage capacity, the Command Center will then automatically begin filling the next designated storage bin - allowing you to focus on harvest.

Dri-Flo Transfer Auger Options

Because the Dri-Flo System features a bottom unload design, Shivvers Transfer Augers are optional and primarily function to provide added versatility during the unload process. Dri-Flo Transfer Auger options include:

Jumpster Unload Auger

As dried grain is transported outside of the drying bin by the Dri-Flo’s unloading system, a Shivvers Jumpster Auger can be attached to facilitate seamless connection to existing dry transfer systems. The Jumpster Auger features an adjustable design, allowing you to manipulate grain flow as it exits the drying bin to virtually any angle. Shivvers Jumpster Augers are commonly used as a solution for connecting Dri-Flo systems with existing dry transfer systems, including: grain legs, air systems or other transfer equipment.

Vertical Unload Auger

Shivvers also offers a Vertical Unload Auger for operators wanting to unload grain directly into trucks. The Vertical Unload Auger connects directly to the Dri-Flo or Circu-Lator System’s standard horizontal unload auger, lifting grain vertically to be deposited into a hopper or cart.

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Tranfer Auger Options

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