Floors & Supports

Floors & Supports


The Foundation for a Shivvers System


Shivvers Channel-Lock Floors elevate the grain floor, creating a plenum for your drying system. Available in 19 or 23 percent open area, Shivvers Floors feature strategically designed perforations to facilitate:

  • Drying or Storage Bin Utilization
  • Unrivaled Air Flow - Up to 11% More Open Area Than Competitive Floors
  • Maximum Structural Integrity for Grain Depths Up to 30’
  • Quick & Easy Installation

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Floor Design


Engineered with 20-gauge steel and embossed for optimum strength, the floor is yet another key advantage that sets the Shivvers System apart from other in-bin dryers.

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Shivvers Floors consist of 8” planks with a modular, channel-locking design that reinforces connection points, while facilitating ease of installation. Each plank is further reinforced by a patented center rib design to maximize weight distribution and prevent sagging.

Shivvers Floors sit atop sturdy 16 gauge steel supports, strategically distributed for maximum structural reinforcement. Rails are made with a channel opening on the underside that accepts the support legs. 

Legs snap into place for ease of installation. Rails are configured and tied together at predetermined lengths to maintain the strength required under grain depths of up to 30 feet. The narrow design allows maximum airflow with minimum obstruction, while preventing air channeling.

Standard Or Small Grain Options


Large Grain FloorShivvers Floors are available in Standard or Small Grain options. While competitive floors typically contain perforations that offer 12% open area, Shivvers Floors are specially engineered to maximize air flow and eliminate static pressure with 23% open area. 

Shivvers Standard Grain Floors feature a 23% vented open area with .094 diameter perforations, maximizing air flow at higher grain depths and facilitating multiple fan applications. The patented center rib design provides optimum structural integrity, making it perfect for standard and larger grain types, such as corn and soybean. 

Small Grain Floor ImageShivvers Small Grain Floors feature smaller, more concentrated .05 diameter perforations, allowing for a 19% vented open area. Small Grain Floors are perfect to support finer grains, such as wheat, millet or canola. Like our Standard Grain Floor, Small Grain Floors feature a patented center rib to maintain structural integrity while facilitating maximum aeration capabilities. 


Designed For Use


Floor Door ImageShivvers Floors are engineered with more than the drying process in mind, they’re designed for use.

Floor Doors are positioned inside the bin providing easy access for under plenum maintenance. Optional Clean-Out Doors can be installed to provide plenum access from outside of the bin. Intermediate wells are available for additional gravity flow outlets with horizontal unloads. Slide Gate Openers lend a helping hand to open the slide gate in the center basket.

Learn more about Shivvers accessories Here.

Shivvers Floor & Support Options

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