Remote Drying & Storage Operation Management

Remote management meets your storage operation. StorageLink provides you with the ability to remotely manage your stored grain operation from anywhere with internet access.

Unusual changes in stored grain temperatures can be key indicators of factors leading to grain spoilage. StorageLink gives you the ability to remotely monitor stored grain temperatures and control your aeration system when timing is critical. 

A Simple Solution:

The StorageLink System leverages temperature monitoring cables, strategically placed throughout your storage bins, to record temperature data across zones and detect hot spots. These cables are then integrated with your Premier Command Center and linked to your portal where you can remotely:

  • Access Critical Grain Storage Information 24/7 to Preserve Grain Quality
  • Prevent Grain Spoilage by Detecting Temperature Spikes and Other Key Indicators
  • Reduce Operating Costs by Running Aeration Fans Only When Needed
  • Start & Stop Fans Based On Real Time Grain Conditions to Prevent Over Drying
  • Set Up Automatic Text Message Alerts to Notify You When Temperature Spikes Occur

*Premier Command Center and Data Account Required

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Login to Your Portal to Remotely:

  • Monitor Storage Bin Temperatures with Smartphone, Tablet or PC
  • View Ambient Temperature and Relative Humidity at Bin Site
  • Start & Stop Aeration Fans Based on Conditions to Reduce Run Time and Preserve Quality
  • Set Up Automatic Text Alerts When Spikes in Temperature Occur
  • Access Historical Storage Bin Data to Identify Trends

No Landline Connection Required

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