Dri-Flo 2500 Performance System

Dry up to 52,800 bushels per day

The Dri-Flo 2500 features the highest grain removal capacity of any Shivvers system – rated 2,200 bushels per hour - and is designed to operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Built to meet the growing needs of today’s agriculture, the Dri-Flo 2500 is ideal for operators wanting to integrate the highly efficient Shivvers Counter-Flow drying system into their existing larger grain handling operation.

What is a Shivvers Performance System?

Shivvers Performance Systems are a customizable package of components engineered to work together to provide optimum performance for drying grain, using continuous Counter-Flow technology. Learn More

Dri-Flo performance systems are engineered to operate 24/7. As with our other systems the Premier Command Center automatically controls the drying process. You can continue to add wet grain as you harvest it. The Dri-Flo 2500 provides surge capacities up to 7,300 bushels.

System Features:

With its heavy-duty gearbox, reinforced augers, larger shaft bearings, powerful motor and more, the Dri-Flo 2500 is built from the ground up to meet the quality, durability and value standards Shivvers is known for including:

  • The Shivvers Dri-Flo 2500 grain removal capacity of 2,200 bushels per hour is engineered for use in larger, 48-foot diameter bins.
  • This system features a standard Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), offering smooth start-ups, superior efficiency and reducing operating costs. (Click "Benefits of VFD" icon below for more details)
  • Coupled with the Shivvers “no babysitting” Premier Command Center, the system can operate 24/7 – moving as much as 52,800 bushels per day – without the need for on-site monitoring.
  • Four durable 4.06-inch diameter sweep augers with a 3.00-inch pitch are used to evenly remove dry grain from the drying floor.
  • The Dri-Flo 2500 system is powered by a single heavy-duty 30 HP, 6-pole 3-phase motor.
  • Designed for use with the Shivvers Level Dry, the Dri-Flo 2500 provides surge capacities up to 7,300 bushels.

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More about this system

Benefits of VFD

The Benefits of Variable Frequency Drive

The Dri-Flo 2500 features a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) system, to match the speed of the motor-driven equipment to the drying process, simultaneously reducing operating costs and improving overall efficiency.

When the Dri-Flo 2500 is engaged, the VFD automatically initiates a “soft-start” process to the 30 HP motor running the Dri-Flo’s tapered sweeps and augers, reducing excess power demand when starting the system. The VFD then gradually increases speed to standard operating capacity, minimizing stress on the machine as power is converted from the electric motor to the Dri-Flo 2500’s mechanical components.

The VFD also provides the option of added control while your system is up and running. With an independent display, the operator can adjust the speed at which the Dri-Flo 2500’s sweep augers rotate around the bin. This allows for instantaneous control to adjust removal rates to match drying needs as crop conditions vary from field to field.

As a result of the efficiency gained by the power regulation achieved with VFD in the counter-flow process, many utility providers offer rebates to owners of these systems. Check with your power company for rebate offers!

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