Shivvers Level-Dry converts In-Bin Continuous Flow Dryers into High Speed Drying Systems.  Drying capacity is increased 30% to 300% depending upon the application. 

The Level-Dry’s grain leveling auger rotates around the Circu-Lator’s center vertical auger, spreading grain evenly at any depth selected by the operator.  Any dips or low spots in the grain are filled to give a smooth, uniform surface of wet grain after each pass of the Level-Dry.

Drying capacities are increased because the machine may be operated at very low grain depths allowing greater airflow.  A layer of wet grain is deposited on top, as a layer of dry grain is removed from the bottom.  The wet grain placed on top utilizes any unused heat in the drying air, resulting in high efficiency and high capacity.

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Features & How Level Dry Works

“My Shivvers 27 foot bin with a Level-Dry 770 bushels per hour, 24% corn input, output exceeded all of my expectations. 150 bushels per hour increase with a Level-Dry” David Affeldt, Farmer

Increased Capacity

For optimum capacity and performance, the Level-Dry Grain Spreader is unmatched.  Grain transferred from a wet holding bin funnels into a hopper and is then fed into the leveling auger of the Level-Dry.  The leveling auger’s unique design smoothly distributes the wet grain across the top of the drying zone.  With each pass, coning is eliminated and low spots are filled, leaving a smooth level surface.  This keeps static pressure uniform throughout the bin to facilitate even drying.  By laying the grain instead of throwing each kernel from a grain spreader at the top of the bin, any packing effect is minimized, allowing air to more evenly flow through the grain.

More Flexibility

Designed to fit any Shivvers Performance System, the Level-Dry is a capacity-boosting spreader, which can be added to other in-bin, continuous-flow drying systems.  No matter your current system, you control the drying speed by your choice of drying bin size, depth at which you maintain the grain bed, and the temperature of your fans and heaters.  The Shivvers Level-Dry fits bins of 21’ to 48’ in diameter.  When operated in the “fixed” depth mode, it can substantially increase the capacity of any counter-flow grain dryer on the market.
Less packing of the grain results in more air flow and reduction of static pressure.  Low depth allows substantial increase in air flow volume and substantial increase in drying rate and capacity.

Greater Precision

The Shivvers Level-Dry Grain Spreader creates a level grain bed to the exact depth you choose by simply flipping a switch.  Consistent depths allow heated air to push through the grain faster. 

Energy Efficiency

Studies at Michigan State, Iowa State, and Purdue Universities have proven that continuous counter-flow drying is more cost effective and energy efficient method of drying than high temperature cross-flow drying.  A key to this increased efficiency is a level drying bed maintained at the proper depth.  By limiting the depth from 30” to 36”, the static pressure is so low that the airflow through the bin is extremely high.  At the same time, a 30” to 36” grain depth ensures saturation of the heated drying air as it is exhausted out the top of the bin.  Only continuous counter-flow drying systems like Shivvers Performance Systems let you utilize every BTU of heated drying air.

How the Level-Dry Works  

  1. Funnel directs incoming wet grain into collecting hopper.
  2. Collecting Hopper rotates around the Center Vertical Auger.  It catches the grain from the funnel and directs it to the Level-Dry auger.
  3. Leveling Auger rotates around the bin, depositing a full smooth layer of wet grain as it travels.
  4. Switch detects grain level, signaling control panel.
  5. Self-Adjusting Drag controls the forward motion of the leveling auger.
  6. Electric Motor of 3 – 7.5 hp power the leveling auger.
  7. Commutator Ring transfers electric current to the motor as it travels around the bin.
  8. Counter Balance offsets the weight of the Level-Dry auger.
  9. Suspension Cable and pulleys support the entire weight of the Level-Dry.
  10. Electric Winch raises and lowers the Level-Dry under command of the control panel.
  11. Control Panel operates Level-Dry.

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