CompuDry TS™

CompuDry Precision Control with Premier Capabilities

With the success of the CompuDry & Premier Command Centers comes a new addition in innovation. Meet the CompuDry TS - or CompuDry Touchscreen. Combining the critical functionality of the CompuDry with the user friendly touchscreen control of the Premier, the CompuDry TS is designed for the farmer looking for maximum control at a value price.

Like the Premier, the CompuDry TS features an on-bin dashboard to view current and historical drying metrics.

Digital technology provides touchscreen control, including on-screen guided startup and up to 9 pre-programmed grain profiles. The CompuDry TS also features optional add-on capabilities to monitor Static Pressure, Link Remote Management, On-site Weather Information, & StorageLink.

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Included with CompuDry TS™

  • Complete Touchscreen Control System
  • Easy, Step by Step Setup Procedures
  • 9 Pre-programmed Grain Profiles
  • Eliminates the Need for Auger Timers
  • Visual Information and Warnings
  • Expanded Design
  • 24/7 History Available

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Shivvers "Link" Smart Phone Communication & Control
  • Remote Changing of Transfer Moisture, Target Temperature
  • Digital Static Pressure Readout, Optional Ambient Humidity and Outdoor Temperature
  • Remote Emergency Stop

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