Circu-Lator 2

Removal rates up to 14,400 bushels

The Circu-Lator 2 grain drying machine is a step up from the Circu-Lator 1.  This machine is capable of unloading up to 14,400 bushels per day.  By purchasing additional Shivvers Performance Components this machine is capable of drying up to 14,400 bushels per day. This machine is ideal for installation in bins up to 36’ in diameter. 

The Circu-Lator is engineered for high capacity and durable operation. This system combines the reliability of extra tough rugged construction with easy operation, built to keep pace with harvest. It provides totally automatic in-bin continuous flow drying.  The drying zone of a Circu-Lator is maintained at the bottom of the grian bin.  Therefore, heated air blown into the bin at floor level must travel upward through wet grain to escape.  As a result, the hot air becomes fully moisture saturated before it's exhausted-eliminating heat waste.  As the grain dries, it is removed from the botton of the bin, layer by layer, by the tapered sweep auger.  

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Machine Components

The Circu-Lator 2 can function as a recirculating unit or as a continuous-flow dryer using transfer equipment for most any free-flowing grain, including corn, soybeans, wheat, milo, and rape.

8" Center Vertical

The center vertical auger rotates gently elevating the grain up the center of the bin.  A 1/2" cushion space between the heavy flighting and tube prevents grain damage. When the continuous flow auger is in operation the grain is pulled away to storage.  If it is not in operation, the grain is elevated to the recirculation spreader and re-spread evenly on top.

Heavy Duty Gearbox

Rugged gearboxes are built for long years of durable service.  They are packed with moly grease, have oversize 1 1/4" stressproof shafts, hardened steel gears and tapered thrust bearings.  They are protected by three seals on every shaft opening and zerks are provided for directly lubricating each bearing. The weight of the center vertical auger is borne by a rugged cast iron spider wheel which transmits the load to thrust bearings.

8" Horizontal Unload Auger

The drying bin can be unloaded independently of the Circu-Lator through the built-in unloading system.  The horizontal discharge unit may be converted to vertical discharge with the addition of an 'add-on' vertical unloader.

Tapered Sweep Auger

Two tapered sweep augers removes thin, even layers of of dry grain as they travel around the bin. The patented taper is the secret of the Circu-Lators uncanny moisture control; allowing it to remove only the dry grain which lays just above the drying floor. The augers are constructed of a 1 1/4" diameter solid alloy steel shaft with 1/4" flighting.  The notched cast iron wheel of the tapered sweep auger travels on a wear track as it rotates around the bin, remaining on the floor at all times.

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