Standard Floor

Shivvers standard Channel-Lock Floor features 23% open area, which aids in eliminating static pressure problems incurred in higher grain depths and multiple grain situations.  It’s 8” plank with a patented center rib design gives the appearance of two 4” planks side-by-side.  This design provides far greater strength, especially with the In-Bin Continuous-Flow Drying and deep depth aeration applications.  

Shivvers also offers a Small Grain Floor for rapeseed and other small grains.  This floor is designed with an open area of 19.5%, using a 0.054% round hold punch. The small grain floor is also used whenever ultra high capacity sweeps are used as in the Dri Flo 1000 or High Torque Systems.

  • Floor planks are 20 gauge and embossed for optimum strength
  • Standard floor features 23% open area
  • Standard floor has a round hold punch of .094% making an open area of 23%
  • Includes heavy, 20 gauge flashing and installation hardware
  • 8” plank with reinforced center rib
  • Fast and easy installation

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