Hi-Torque Circu-Lator 3

Removal rates up to 35,000 bushels per day

The Hi-Torque Circu-Lator 3 grain drying machine is the highest capacity auger equipment of any counter-flow drying system.  This machine was designed for use in 36’, 42’ and 48’ diameter bins and can move up to 35,000 bushels of grain per day.  This machine utilizes three ultra high capacity sweep augers that are powered by a two motor Hi Torque drive.  A wide spread center vertical auger with hi angle boot allows for transferring to taller storage bins.

When combined with Shivvers drying products this machine is capable of drying a substantial 35,000 bushels per day.

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Machine Components

The Hi-Torque Circu-Lator 3 can function as a recirculating unit or as a continuous-flow drying using transfer equipment for most any free-flowing grain, including corn, soybeans, wheat, milo, and rapeseed.

8" Wide Spread Center Vertical

All high torque Circu-Lators utilize the wide spread center vertical to elevate the grain to the 8" transfer augers for transferring to other storage bin sor for re-circulating within the drying bin.

Heavy Duty Gearbox

Rugged gearboxes are built for long years of durable service.  They are packed with moly grease, have oversize 1 1/4" stressproof shafts, hardened steel gears and tapered thrust bearings.  They are protected by three seals on every shaft opening and zerks are provided for directly lubricating each bearing. The weight of the center vertical auger is borne by a rugged cast iron spider wheel which transmits the load to thrust bearings.

8" Horizontal Unload Auger

The drying bin can be unloaded independently of the Circu-Lator through the built-in unloading system.  The horizontal discharge unit may be converted to vertical discharge with the addition of an 'add-on' vertical unloader.

Three Ultra High Capacity Tapered Sweep Augers

These ultra high capacity sweeps remove approximately 500 bushels per hour each. This seriously increased removal rate allows for increased drying rate as produced by larger or multiple fans and heaters.

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