Shivvers' Country Clipper zero turn mower division leads the industry in innovative features. See the revolutionary Stand-up Deck for the quickest access to underside deck maintenance. Experience the fun, easy to use, go-where-you-point Joystick Steering control!

The Shivvers Performance System ...

Higher Test Weights, More Profitability

Precision control at your fingertips,

with no worry and no babysitting.

With drying capacities up to 260,000 bushels per week,

we can dry it faster than you can bring it in.

Multiple loads, any moisture content ...

Perfectly dried every time.

No matter what size your operation, big or small,

Shivvers has a grain dryer custom fit for your application.


Now drying capacities up to 1600 bushels per hour!

Take your grain drying to a high level with a Shivvers Performance System.  No other drying method matches the performance of Shivvers in-bin continuous Counter-Flow Drying.

The Shivvers Performance System is a combination of components engineered to work together to provide optimum performance for drying grain.  We are so confident of this that we are willing to certify the capacity in writing.

With a Shivvers Performance System you'll experience:

  • The fully automated COMPUDRY™ Command Center controlling precise drying and all grain transfer functions. You'll never have to babysit your grain dryer.
  • Achieving the most precise moisture content. See how no grain leaves the bin before its time.
  • One of the industry's most energy-efficient systems. No one makes better use of a BTU.
  • Higher test weights.
  • No more over-drying.
  • Capacities up to 260,000 bushels per week. Shivvers brings the benefits of advanced drying technology as well as maintaining high capacities.
  • Systems backed by over 40 years experience designing and manufacturing energy-efficient grain drying equipment for both large and small operations.

Let Shivvers match the right system or grain dryer for your farm.

We're the Grain Drying Specialists.


Continuous Counter-Flow Drying Technology

Continuous Counter-Flow Drying results in better quality grain with less cracking. Advanced drying, higher test weights, more profit for you. 

Watch the Counter Flow Action Animation!

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COMPU-DRY™ is the most advanced computer control on the market. It’s easy to use bringing fingertip precision control to counter-flow drying with no babysitting required. Everybody wants it. Only Shivvers has it.      

Energy Efficiency

Make use of every BTU of energy. Unlike typical cross-flow dryers that can utilize only a percentage of the heat they generate, a Shivvers Counter-Flow Drying system maximizes heat energy use, utilizing all of the heat generated.            

Surge Capacity

A Shivvers Performance System can dry up to 260,000 bushels per week. With our built-in surge capacity, you can easily use your grain dryer around the clock and sleep through the night. 



A Shivvers Performance System is so energy efficient, you may qualify for a 25% energy grant when you replace your current outside cross-flow drying system with a Shivvers Performance System.

See your dealer for details!

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