What Our Customers Say

"I haul grain for a living. I haul out of several Shivvers bins and to me the moisture they say they are is what it is. It's very consistent, bin after bin, year after year. I think it's a pretty good system." ~Richard F. Wisconsin

"I'm half way through harvest now using the system, and it is doing everything pretty well they promised it would do, and it's keeping up with my demand to where this one system will take care of all my drying needs that I anticipate."~Russ Capps Iowa

"It's automatic and you push the button and it does the job for you. The economy is good compared with some of the other dryers as far as fuel use is concerned, but the main advantage is the capacity and the fact we don't have to babysit it."~Clyde T. Missouri

"I would not hesitate to buy Shivvers again based upon the customer service I received."~Erik Edgren

"In 2010, we dried in our Shivvers system and that year it saved us enough money, had we dried commercially, the system paid for itself in one year."~Gary Ellenshon- Iowa

"This year I put over 350,000 bushels of corn through my system and it never had a down day.  She ran non-stop.  The only time it shut down is when we got rain and I ran out of corn, otherwise it ran non-stop." ~Paul Twombly, Kansas

"The system itself paid for itself in the first year.  The computer system itself is still rock solid and I’m like, it don’t get any better than this."~ Bill McNall, Wisconsin

"We’ve had a Shivvers system since 2004.  I don’t worry about it. It runs, the Shivvers system works just great.  I go to sleep at night and don’t worry about it"~Allen Tibbs

"I’ve slowly pushed my average moisture, as the price of corn goes down this year, it’s going to be more important than ever for those extra ten or fifteen bucks per acre."~Robert Ritter

"We have one 30 foot bin with a Shivvers unit in it, we’ve eliminated some other (dryers) in other bins and now just use them for storage, it blended in well with the existing set up that we had before."~Ron Swanson

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