I haul grain for a living. I haul out of several Shivvers bins and to me the moisture they say they are is what it is. It's very consistent, bin after bin, year after year. I think it's a pretty good system.

Richard F. Wisconsin, Wisconsin Farmer

Test Weight

Why is test weight a factor when drying quality grain?

Test weight is the weight per cubic foot of grain that is used as a market indicator of quality and value.  Grain that is dried with uniformity and gentle action typically has higher test weight.

A Shivvers Performance System operates using a high retention time.  Retention time is the amount of time the grain actually spends in the grain dryer or drying bin and is the secret to a higher test weight.   A higher test weight equals more weight, resulting in more grain to sell.  Farmers and universities alike report higher test weights for corn dried in Shivvers Systems. This is due to the naturally uniform drying action and long retention time of the Shivvers Performance Systems.  High test weights are the hallmark of Shivvers drying systems… and the number one indicator of high quality grain. 

A Shivvers Performance System, provides the opportunity to retain high grain quality as a result of the Shivvers drying processes.  During drying, grain is involved in the drying process longer because of the grain depth.  The actual drying zone, being deeper than other processes, provides the grain the opportunity to warm up for a longer period of time. This longer time involved in warming the grain reduces the possibility of overheating causing fractures.  Other drying processes heat the grain very fast to provide their advertised removal rates. Cracking and damaging the grain reduces grain quality at market caused by over drying. Retain your grain quality with a Shivvers Performance System and profit from higher test weights. The fact is; a Shivvers System cannot manufacture higher test weight or grain quality.  If the maturity and genetics of your grain are present in your field, a Shivvers Performance System holds the superior ability to retain the quality and test weight you desire as you take your grain to market.

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