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Part of the appeal of being a Shivvers’ employee is not just the commitment to quality and service in our finished product, but the sense of history and family that prevails throughout the company. The atmosphere of being part of the family unit and working as a team generates a unified, goal-oriented group, whose whole is greater than its parts. From the first “good morning” to the last “have a good evening”, we are a team dedicated to designing, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing the finest grain drying equipment available; because at the end of your long business day in the fields, you have a family waiting at home for you.

A History of Agricultural Innovation

In the mid 1960's Charles Shivvers, aided by his brother Gerald, invented a way to dry grain using a tapered sweep auger. He was able to obtain a patent for his invention and it became the basis for the Shivvers Circulator grain drying system.  In 1968 Charles sold both of his farms and bought the Corydon facility.  The plant looked very different from what you see today.  The office space was less than half the size it is now and the manufacturing plant was a small attached building.  At this time, Shivvers was truly a family business. Charles' wife Anita kept the books on a card table that she used for a desk.   One of our first employees, Roma Jennings, remembers that the office was usually cold and windy.  She sat just inside the front door and whenever anyone came in her papers would be blown all over.

Soon after establishing the factory, Charles asked his son Carl, to become the Marketing Director.  His other son, Steve was still in high school at the time and he drafted the first blueprints for the circulators and helped install them in the field.  

The 70's were a great decade for agriculture and Shivvers dryers were a big success.  The company expanded and Carl set up a sister company in Illinois. Reflecting the change in the agricultural economy of the 80's, in 1982 the Illinois plant was consolidated into the Corydon facility.  

The constant change in the agricultural economy made it obvious that a non agricultural product needed to be added to the company's line.  In the late 1970's, Charles pursued his interest in good coffee, and efficient means for drying the beans by marketing his own brand of coffee.  In the early 1980's, Steve designed and marketed wood burning stoves.  Then in 1984 the proposal for a zero turn radius lawn mower was made, by 1985 the engineering department designed the first prototype for the Country Clipper and the lawn mower line was born; and continues to be a thriving division of Shivvers. 

It was about this same time that long term engineer Don Parkes thought of the idea for the CompuDry, a computerized dryer control that would attach to existing Shivvers grain dryers.  This device regulated the drying of grain automatically and had a ready market in Shivvers dryers already in the field.  This was the beginning of Shivvers electronics lineup.  

Shivvers Mfg., Inc. is still a family owned business with Carl Shivvers as President.  We believe Shivvers  is successful and able to thrive because of its employees.

Innovation at Country Clipper

Country Clipper is a division of Shivvers Manufacturing Inc. of Corydon, Iowa, who since 1968 has led the world in innovation of counter flow grain drying equipment used in farming. In 1984, Shivvers expanded to include the Country Clipper division of zero turn lawn mowers.

In the early years, Country Clipper produced zero turn mowers for other national companies such as Yazoo, Bush Hog, Snapper, and Dixon. Today, Country Clipper designs and builds its own brand and has a dedicated dealer network throughout North America and other countries.

For over 30 years, Country Clipper has designed, built and marketed zero-turn mowers and accessories for both lawn care professionals and residential and estate homeowners. We are one of the pioneers in the zero-turn mower industry. Whether you're mowing a small yard, manicuring a 3-acre estate, or you're a professional in the lawn care business, Country Clipper has a zero-turn mower that will meet virutally any need. Compare us to the competition. We're confident that when you do, you'll choose Country Clipper. Feature for feature, nothing else comes close.

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