The system itself paid for itself in the first year. The computer system itself is still rock solid and I’m like, it don’t get any better than this.

Bill McNall- Wisconsin, Wisconsin Farmer


What makes a Shivvers dryer more efficient?

The Shivvers Counter-Flow Grain Drying System provides for a deeper grain depth during the drying process.  Other drying processes employ a grain depth of 16 to 18 inches in some cross-flow methods where Shivvers Systems achieve 48 to 72 inches of grain depth on average.  In a 48 foot drying tank, this grain depth accounts for 5792 to 8688 bushels of grain involved in the drying process.

This additional grain depth provides for maximum efficiency and full utilization of heat and airflow.  When the air supplied by a Shivvers fan and heater system is exhausted from the drying tank the air contains the maximum amount of moisture to be removed from the grain before transferring to the storage bin.

One of the largest wastes of energy in grain drying is over-drying the grain, not only wasting fuel and electricity, but also reducing the resale value of the grain.  Shivvers grain drying equipment uses its fully automatic, computerized control, CompuDry® Command Center, to prevent over drying by controlling both the grain moisture and plenum heat used to dry the grain.  With the CompuDry® Command Center, operators can set the desired transfer moisture, as well as the amount of heat needed to dry the grain.  If the CompuDry® Command Center senses that the grain is starting to be over-dried, the heat is reduced until proper moisture is reached.  Both of these techniques help conserve fuel and electricity, as well as increasing the resale value of the grain due to less shrink in the grain.

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