Grain Hog Spreader

The Grain Hog Spreader is a high capacity grain spreader that distributes grain as it is added to the bin, giving a more even air flow throughout your drying bin.  The Grain Hog is a large body spreader with your choice of large or small pans, depending on your need, and is fully adjustable from the center hole using an extension wrench.  This spreader is standard on Shivvers Performance Systems.

Additional precision capabilities can be achieved by combining the Shivvers Mini Diverter with the Grain Hog Spreader.  Learn More

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Grain Hog Spreader Options

HP Pan Bu./Hour Auger Bin Size
½ Large or Small 3200 8” 24-36’
1 Large or Small 4000 10” 24-42’
1 ½ Large or Small 5000 12” 30’42’

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