Controlled Flow Spreader

The Controlled Flow Grain Spreader is designed to spread grain level when other spreaders can’t get the job done.  Its special geometric spreader pan gently drops the grain kernels in a unique, even spiraling pattern just where they belong.

The spreader has a variable speed electric motor and a remote mounted control box that you adjust for bin height.

A slowly rotating grain diverter meters the right amount of grain to all sides of the bin, even if the train is somewhat uneven as it comes into the fill cone.  This results in a true spread.  When low spots develop while drying in the bin, a switch in the spreader control box allows you to stop the rotating grain diverter just ahead of the low spot.  Your controlled flow grain spreader will fill in this area in a few minutes, and the drying bin is level again, without even touching a scoop.

This spreader will handle any 10 to 13 inch diameter transport auger under really tough conditions and is designed to fill large diameter bins up to 6000 BPH.

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