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What are farmers saying about Shivvers Performance System? 




Richard F. of Central Wisconsin writes: “I haul grain for a living. I haul out of several Shivvers bins and to me the moisture they say they are is what it is. It’s very consistent, bin after bin, year after year. I think it’s a pretty good system.”

Russ C. of Southeast Iowa writes: “I farm 1800 acres of corn and soybeans in SE Iowa, and for the last 15 to 20 years I’ve been using an older Shivvers unit and finally this summer I came to the decision I was going to have to update my drying setup. I did a lot of looking around this summer at different setups and talked with different neighbors on how they liked their drying facilities. After doing this I came to the decision that the Shivvers Performance System was the route I wanted to go. I’m half way through harvest now using the system, and it is doing everything pretty well they promised it would do, and it’s keeping up with my demand to where this one system will take care of all my drying needs that I anticipate.” 

Clyde T. of Northern Missouri writes: “… I’ve used three types of dryers. My first dryer 25 years ago was an overhead bin dryer that became too slow. My next dryer was a Shivvers Jr. dryer and that speeded up our process and increased our efficiency. The third dryer I bought this year was the [Shivvers] computer model and is the best by far of anything I’ve used so far or seen. The things I like about this particular Shivvers model is the efficiency and the fact we don’t have to babysit it so much. It’s automatic and you push the button and it does the job for you. The economy is good compared with some of the other dryers as far as fuel use is concerned, but the main advantage is the capacity and the fact we don’t have to babysit it.”

What are People Telling their Neighbors about Grain Drying with Shivvers?

They say that having tried other equipment and methods over the years, a Shivvers Performance System including the computer is the first system that brings:

  • The highest test weights that transfer to the marketplace what was read in the bin
  • The best grain quality with few fines from cracked kernels
  • No more babysitting the grain drying … the computer does it all ... no more wondering if drying might falter if left unattended
  • Lower fuel bills
  • Appreciation that Shivvers will actually certify production capacity