Floors And Supports

The Shivvers Channel-Lock Floor features 23% open area, which aids in eliminating static pressure problems incurred with higher grain depths and multiple fan situations. A Shivvers floor offers twice as much open area as the competition.

It has an 8” plank with a patented center rib design giving the appearance of two 4” planks side-by-side. This rib gives our floor far greater strength and is designed especially for continuous Counter-Flow Drying systems.


Small Grain Floor

In addition to our standard floor, SHIVVERS also manufactures a Small Grain Floor for rape seed and other small grains.

Shivvers Steel Floor Supports are made with an underside channel opening that accepts the support legs. The legs snap into place for ease of installation. Rails are configured and tied together to maintain the strength required for grain depths needed.  The narrow design allows maximum airflow with a minimum of obstruction.