Transfer Augers and Auger Accessories

Continuous-Flow Transfer Auger

Shivvers heavy duty continuous-flow transfer augers are capable of moving hundreds of thousands of bushels of grain annually. As grain is lifted in the bin by the center vertical auger, it is deposited in the center vertical boot. From there, the continuous-flow transfer auger picks it up and further elevates it to the top of the next bin where it is dropped through a downspout into the cooling bin, or into a horizontal hopper and then transferred through the horizontal transfer auger to your additional storage bins.

The continuous-flow transfer auger is constructed of heavy-duty fliting with a 1 ¼ ” shaft and 14-ga. galvanized tube. It’s powered by a motor ranging from 1 to 5 hp depending on the auger's length.  A conical roof boot provides a watertight mounting between the transfer auger and drying bin roof. All Shivvers Performance Systems are equipped with 6” and 8" continuous-flow transfer augers.  Hanger Bearing Augers are also available in 6" and 8". 

The Automatic Transfer feature is also available for mulitple augers to clean out each auger so that they will not have to start full of grain.

Horizontal Transfer Auger

When multiple bins are used in the system, you may need to add additional horizontal transfer augers with drop outlets to fill the various bins. All horizontal transfer augers are automatically controlled by the COMPUDRY™ Command Center or they could be manually turned on to transfer grain.



Jumpster Auger

The Shivvers Jumpster auger offers the flexibility you need for grain handling after drying. Jump from the horizontal unload auger to a grain transfer device, whether an air transfer, elevator leg, loop, or transfer auger. It’s designed with an 8” unloader and is adjustable to virtually any angle from vertical to horizontal, or from straight away from the drying bin to a 90° angle to the right. The Jumpster is available in convenient lengths of 5’, 10’ and 20’ to fit practically any application. Auger extensions can be added for additional length.

Vertical Unload Auger

Commonly referred to as a truck auger, the vertical unload auger provides a tremendous advantage when unloading dried grain from the drying tank into a truck. It eliminates the need for an auxiliary transport auger. Add a 4-ft extension (shown with auger at left) for loading those extra tall trucks.